Comparing Toy Story (1995) to Kingdom Hearts 3


Full Size Images: PixarKingdom Hearts 3

I think it’s really interesting that so many people are using this as an example of how far CG has come. Firstly, because the image on the right isn’t necessarily better at all, and secondly because KH3 is far from the best example of CG rendering in video games.Read More »


Bakemonogatari Volume 1&2 Evaluation.

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In short, if you’re a superfan it’s worth buying, otherwise you should probably avoid this.

I’ll elaborate on my reasoning for this, but first I’d like to speak for a bit about the localization. I’d like to clearly state here that I do not fluently speak or read Japanese , thus I’m more speaking about how it reads in English and less how it compares to the Japanese version. I believe that it’s an important perspective to be shown as it could be a significant factor for anyone unfamiliar with Japanese looking to get into the series. All that being said I still encourage everyone to take what I say with a grain of salt, and if possible try reading some pages in a bookstore yourself.

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